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Or Shalom offers a thriving and growing Chavurah program for our congregation. A Chavurah is a group of eight to twelve adult participants (singles or couples) that get together on a regular basis to participate in activities around shared interests and celebrate Jewish life.


Sign up to join us and you'll:

  • Build meaningful friendships and connections with other adults
  • Grow your personal interests and learn about how they intersect with your Jewish identity
  • Develop your sense of belonging and your feeling of "home" at Or Shalom

We launched 9 groups in 2021 and 2022 with over 100 participants. We're accepting applicants for new groups starting this fall! All  Chavurah groups will kick-off the year at our big fall gathering on Tuesday, October 24, 2023 at 7pm.  Please apply by Sunday, October 1, 2023 for priority placement. Applications will continue to be accepted on a rolling basis.


Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for FAQs about our Chavurah program:


What is a Chavurah?

  • A group of eight to twelve singles or couples with a max of twenty individuals. ​

  • They get together on a regular basis to participate in activities around shared interests and celebrate Jewish life. ​

  • Chavurah members must make a commitment to the group to meet regularly (we suggest once a month, but some groups may meet less frequently). ​

  • Each chavurah chooses their own activities within their selected interest area. They are responsible for planning and funding these activities as a group.​

  • Other events can also include celebrating Jewish holidays, hosting speakers and discussions on Jewish topics, or joining together to participate in social action activities.​

  • Chavurot can become like extended family especially during life cycle events.


Who can participate?

Any adult member of Congregation Or Shalom who is interested in joining a smaller group within the synagogue​.


How many sessions are there and how long are they?

  • Each chavurah meets approximately one time per month (every 4-6 weeks) throughout the year for a program or a planning session.​

  • Each session should last approximately two to four hours each. ​

  • Each group is responsible for setting the cadence of their meetings and there is no requirement for them to meet monthly if they prefer to meet less frequently.​

Is there a fee to participate?

  • There is no separate fee for becoming a member of a chavurah at Or Shalom.​

  • Some chavurot choose to have each family pay a small amount ($5 or $10 per month) for a collective fund to pay for entrance fees, speakers’ honoraria, special presents, donations to honor a member, charitable functions, or to save toward a chavurah weekend. ​

  • This is up to each chavurah, and no member is excluded for not being able to pay this nominal fee.​

Are there ever opportunities to meet up with other Chavurot?

  • Yes! Once a quarter, chavurot convene at the synagogue for a special session planned by the Chavurah Committee. ​

  • This provides chavurot members the opportunity to connect and share ideas across groups, and to provide opportunities for celebrating, learning, and providing support.​

  • The first big gathering will be Tuesday, February 22 at 7 pm.​

What if I'm interested in being a part of the Chavurah Steering Committee?

Send an email to and our committee chair will reach out to you!

Fri, June 21 2024 15 Sivan 5784