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This Year of Living Torah we are proud to announce that we have commissioned the writing of a new Sefer Torah (Torah Scroll) for Or Shalom. Of the 613 commandments in the Torah, everyone in our community will have the opportunity to fulfill the last of those commandments, the writing of a Torah. 

Congregation Or Shalom’s Torah Project 613 will allow us to obtain a new Torah and resources for us to Live Torah in new ways. We are excited for the educational opportunities that will surround this effort and look forward to every family having the opportunity to spend time with the Sofer and help write a letter in our new Torah.

Meet the Sofer - Feb 6


Meet the Sofer on Sunday, February 6 - There Are Still Spots Available!


Join your Or Shalom family in fulfilling the mitzvah of writing a Torah! There are still spots available to meet with the Sofer and leave your mark! Make a donation today and sign up.





Are you a prospective or past member considering returning to the Or Shalom family? We'd love to offer you the chance to meet the Sofer as well! Join us at 2 pm on February 6 for a special free opportunity to hear from our Sofer. 


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Sun, December 3 2023 20 Kislev 5784